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Sports Story-Athlete Profile: Jazmine Highsmith

December 10, 2007


 by Shantrell Scott

TAMPA—As the daughter of retired NFL Tampa Buccaneers’ football player, Alonzo Highsmith, Jazmine Highsmith is also leaving her footprints in the sand as an athlete at University of South Florida.

As a junior majoring in public administration, Highsmith states that she goes to both school and practice full-time, which hardly leaves any time to do normal college activities. One thing that Highsmith describes herself being is very dedicated to her studies. Although she may fall into the dilemma of procrastination, she said that her time here at USF will not be spent in vain.

While holding distinctions in track & field, one being recently earned as the “Big East Academic All-Star”, Highsmith recalled a time in her life where she was first introduced into the sport of being a thrower at the age of 14 years old.

“I didn’t see myself as an athlete,” said Highsmith, “but in the ninth grade, the lady’s track coach came up to me and asked if I was interested in becoming a shot put thrower. At first, I was not interested because I never played sports before, but after the coach called my house and spoke to my mom about letting me tryout, I was forced into doing it. Now that I look back, I do thank them for doing it because I really enjoy playing in this sport.”

It may seem as Highsmith just became an athlete out of thin air. However, being a competitor has always been in her blood with the help of her father who has been retired from the Buccaneers since 1992 and is now the scout coach for the Green Bay Packers.

One reason for Highsmith being such an outstanding thrower is because of the motivation she says she received from her mother and her grandmother, who passed away this past July. Although the passing of her grandmother was so devastating to Highsmith to where she wanted to leave school to go back to her hometown in Miami, she said it was the thought of what her grandmother would do that kept her here at USF.

“I decided to stay because I know that my grandmother wouldn’t want me to quit. So I decided to dedicate this year’s track & field season to the memory of my grandmother and I’ll make sure that I win those medals in her honor.”


Comradely unites all rugby players

December 10, 2007

Mari Muzzi                             

 Despite a fading black eye, bruised ribs and a concussion this season, Jonathan Nowakowski said that he enjoys the full contact sport of rugby and it comradely that unites all players. To him, being part of a rugby team is like being in a fraternity.            

Nowakowski, a University of South Florida sophomore majoring in exercise science, joined the USF rugby team last February. At that time he didn’t know much about the game. Like many Americans, he was more familiar with football. But, once he learned the game, he quickly understood its popularity worldwide, he said.  Though, rugby is gaining popularity in the US, many USF students are not too familiar with the school’s rugby team, nor are they aware that it has the best record when it comes to winning percentages, said Nowakowski.            

Rugby a sport that has similarities to soccer, football and wrestling has been played in the US for about hundred years, according to USF rugby coach Gordon Campbell. The sport is often overshadowed by football and baseball, and some Americans get it confused with lacrosse. Now people can find community rugby teams in most large cities, said Nowakoski. Last year’s World Cup rugby games aired on cable, which helped increase the interest of the sport, according to Nowakoski.            

 Playing rugby at USF provides an opportunity for students to become physically fit and make friends, said Nowakoski. A rugby player can go anywhere in the world and be able to practice with a team, this comradely amongst rugby players makes the sport worth playing, said Nowakoski.           

“The USA coach said it the best, Rugby is the universal fraternity,” Nowakoski said. His teammate Travis Miller, a USF finance major agrees, and said that it’s more than just the competiveness that he likes about the sport, it’s the friendships that he has made this season.            

“The comradely amongst rugby players is something that isn’t seen in other sports,” Nowakoski said. Nowakoski, a Chicago native, played football in high school and was part of the USF track team. During a rugby tournament in the Bahamas, where Nowakoski was selected to play on the USA team, he noticed this comradely. After a match, his team and the other teams they played against came together to celebrate being in the tournament, he said.            

“This type of comradely can be seen even at the international level,” Nowakoski said.           

Playing rugby can be intense; there are no breaks during games, nor pads or helmets, only mouth guards to protect a player’s teeth. Though, the fabric of the uniforms is softer, players often receive bruises.           

During a match the 15 players on the field have a chance to shine at any moment, said Nowakoski. This is because any player has the opportunity for his moment of fame during the game and a well played match requires the whole team to be at its best and working together, said Miller.           

“You can’t do anything without your teammates,” Miller said.           

This season the USF rugby team has much to be proud of, winning the Florida Cup amongst 14 top teams and practicing hard all season, said coach Gordon. Many of the players joined the team not knowing much about the sport, said Nowakoski. However, hard work and a wiliness to learn rugby helped them achieve a lot this season.                       

“They are some of the heroes at USF,” Campbell said.

Sports Story- “There is no I in team”

December 10, 2007

by Tiffany Talley

The game of football is a much-loved sport. It’s all about the rivalry, pep rallies, cheerleaders and fans in the stands. Not to mention the band, mascot, and press coverage. Most importantly, it’s about doing what you love and winning while doing it.

This sums up high school football for offensive lineman, Darrin Baker of the Hillsborough High School Terriers.

Coached by Earl Garcia, the Hillsborough High School Terriers are off to a great 2007 season after celebrating their 100th anniversary season on Friday, August 31, 2007.  

Baker, a Tampa native and junior at Hillsbourgh High School has been playing football since age 8. He credits his close cousin in giving him the aspiration to play. 

Baker along with other players finds time to balance football with school work and day to day activites. 

“It’s tough but if you want to play ball, you have to pull through and manage your time,” said Baker.

Baker has hopes of attending the University of South Florida and achieving an degree in business adminstration in addition to playing football for the USF Bulls. He hopes to own his own resturant in the future.

With a winning 9-3 record, the Terriers have high hopes of coming close to a state championship in the near future.  

“We would’ve had a better season if we worked more on our mental mistakes than our physical mistakes,” said Baker. 

Devin McNeish, senior quarterback also agrees with Baker “I believe we could’ve been better if we played more as a team and not wanted self-gain. There is no I in Team” said McNeish.  

The Hillsbourough High School Terriers have a rich history of state championship wins and are known as the team to beat, but that they still have a lot of work to do to get ready for next season Baker believes that if the Terriers play as a team, they’ll win as a team.  

“We have good potential, we just need to follow through,” said Baker.   

Sports Story: Bulldogs get the boot, to Hawaii

December 5, 2007

Sports Story
By: Jennifer Teuber

BCS Title game Ohio State vs. LSU Jan 7, New Orleans

Rose Bowl Southern Cal vs. Illinois Jan. 1, Pasadena, Calif.

Sugar Bowl Georgia vs. Hawaii Jan. 1, New Orleans

Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma vs. West Virginia Jan. 2, Glendale, Ariz.

Capital One Bowl Florida vs. Michigan Jan. 1, Orlando

Sun Bowl USF vs. Oregon Dec. 31, El Paso, Texas

Music City Bowl Florida State vs. Kentucky Dec. 31, Nashville

Outback Bowl Wisconsin vs. Tennessee Jan. 1, Tampa

Last night, Fox News broadcast the matchups for the major bowl games, including the University of South Florida Bulls heading to El Paso, Texas to face Oregon in the Sun Bowl.

Here in Tampa, the Outback Bowl will be held on Jan. 1, with Wisconsin versus Tennessee. This will be Tennessee’s second year in Tampa, losing last year to Penn State, 20-10.

And the National title game, held in New Orleans, will be No. 1 Ohio State versus No. 2 LSU.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the announcements was that No. 4 Georgia was chosen to play Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

Georgia was ranked No. 4 the weekend before the matchups were broadcast. Hawaii is the only undefeated team in the BCS this year.

That Saturday, three teams ahead in the ranking before Georgia had loses.

No.1 Missouri lost to Oklahoma 38-17 in The Big 12 Conference championship game, No. 2 West Virginia lost to Pittsburg 13-9. LSU lost to Arkansas 50-48, in triple overtime.

“How does LSU lose to an unranked Arkansas and stay in the top 10?” Plant City resident and Georgia fan Phillip Gunn said.

Gunn thinks the BCS should change to a playoff season, and that the BCS only works when there are two undefeated teams.

Even though the Nos. 1 and 2 teams lost and Georgia was idle, the Bulldogs dropped to No. 5 in the final BCS standings.

Although many agree a Georgia- Ohio State game would not be a very interesting BCS Title game, it is still utterly confusing how the BCS came to the conclusion that if three top 5 teams lose, that Georgia actually drops a position.

“Georgia drops one with out losing; LSU moves up five, that makes sense to me,” 25-year old Georgia fan Andrew Coleman said.

Gunn said he wonders how Georgia drops in the rankings without even playing.

This year has certainly been full of controversy and now talks are circulating of using playoffs for the BCS.

 “Hawaii versus Georgia–this is the National Championship game,” Coleman said.

New England battles Baltimore

December 4, 2007

By: Aaron Oberlin

The Baltimore Ravens play host tonight to the New England Patriots. They bring a four-game losing streak against the Patriots who are undefeated this year. The Ravens are in jerseys that are all black. New England is wearing white tops with blue pants.

Before the kickoff, there is a moment of silence to remember the former Washington Redskins’ safety Sean Taylor. The 24-year-old was murdered last week in his Miami home.

8:40- Baltimore kicks the ball off. It is a touchback.

8:44 – 42-yard pass by Tom Brady to Donte’ Stallworth. There is a face mask penalty at the end of the play resulting in half the distance to the goal.

8:47 – Penalties continue to plague the Ravens. It is first down on the Raven’s 2-yard line.

8:48 – Ravens stop a run to the right to make it third and goal. The crowd is loud and lively. Ravens call a timeout.

8:51 – Brady has plenty of time to throw, but Ravens eventually apply pressure. Brady scrambles to the right and throws to Heath Evans who drops the ball in the back of the end zone. Field goal kicker Stephen Gostkowski kicks a field goal.

8:54 – Gostowski kicks the ball off to Yamon Figors. A short kick is returned to their own 29-yard line.

8:55 – Kyle Boller is the starting quarterback.

8:56 – Running back Willis McGahee runs it twice for a first down.

8:59 – After three plays for nothing, Baltimore punts it to wide receiver Wes Welker who does not return it.

9:02 – Brady starts the drive from the 12-yard line. The wind is apparently high as Brady’s pass wobbles. One minute later, Brady’s pass is deflected on third down. New England will punt. Baltimore’s Derek Martin hits a man out-of-bounds during the return for a fifteen yard unsportsman-like conduct penalty. It takes the Ravens to their own 30-yard line.

9:08 – On third down, Boller scrambles and throws to wide receiver Devard Darling for a 53-yard gain. The pass advances Baltimore to New England’s 18-yard line.

9:14 – Boller passes to WR Derek Mason for a touchdown. Matt Stover completes the extra point. The score is 7-3 in Baltimore’s favor.

9:16 – New England’s Ellis Hobbs returns the ball to the Patriots’ 27- yard line. First play is a sack by Fry for a loss of six yards.

9:19 – It is the end of the first quarter.

9:21 – Second quarter starts with an incomplete pass by Brady to Jabar Gaffney on third down. New England punts and the ball is downed on Baltimore’s 34-yard line.

9:25 – After a Boller first down pass to Mason, McGahee breaks off a 15-yard run to New England’s 31-yard line.

9:27 – Ravens go for it on fourth down with six yards to go. Boller throws to Mason for a first down.

9:30 – New England’s Hobbs is down with an injury. Trainers run onto the field to check on him.

9:32 – Stover kicks a 29-yard field goal. The score is 10-3.

9:35 – A line drive kick to Heath Evans starts New England on their own 40-yard line.

9:38 – Patriots get a first down and go no-huddle.

9:40 – A holding call on Baltimore’s cornerback Corey Ivy gives new England a first-and-goal from the 10-yard line.

9:42 – Cornerback Chris McAlister commits pass interference on Randy Moss to give New England a first-and-goal from the one.

9:43 – Heath Evans runs to the left for a touchdown. It is his third of the year. The extra point is good. The score is 10-10.

9:47 – The Ravens start on their own 22-yard line.

9:49 – There is 3:52 left on the clock as the Ravens punt to Welker who gets no gain on the return. New England gets the ball on the 32-yard line.

9:53 – Baltimore gets a three-and-out by stopping tight end Benjamin Watson one yard shy of the first down.

9:54 – Baltimore starts on their own 12-yard line. A short run by McGahee takes the game to the two-minute warning.

9:58 – Junior Seau stops running back Musa Smith in the backfield to bring up fourth down. New England takes a timeout with 1:13 left. Shortly after, the Ravens punt to Welker who fair catches at the 35-yard line.

10:01 – Baltimore safety Ed Reed intercepts the ball. During his run back he is hit by Kevin Faulk who forces a fumble. New England’s Watson recovers the fumble on the New England 27-yard line.

10:04 – It is Halftime. The score is 10-10. 36, 89 67, 92

10:18 – New England kicks off to Figurs to start the . Ravens start on their own 27-yard line.

10:21 – Three straight runs by McGahee give Baltimore a first down.

10:23 – After another first down run by Mcgahee, Boller hits Mason for a 20-yard completion. Baltimore is the 18-yard line. First down hand off goes to McGahee who breaks an 18-yard run for a touchdown. The runs were not flashy. They were aggressive and powerful. The extra point is good making the score 17-10 in favor of Baltimore.

10:27 – With 10 minutes left in the third quarter, New England starts from their own 28-yard line.

10:31 – Brady completes a 35-yard pass to Laurence Maroney for a first down. He got most of the yards after the catch. Immediately, the Patriots run the ball with Maroney on first down for four yards. Maroney is ran three times but stopped.

10:32 – New England goes for it on fourth-and-one. Kevin Faulk runs for a first. Patriots have the ball at the Raven’s 22-yard line.

10:37 – Brady throws a two-yard touchdown to wide receiver Randy Moss on third-and-one. The extra point is good making the score 17-17.

10:40 – With 4:15 left on the clock in the third quarter, Baltimore starts on their own 44-yard line. Figors had a return about 30 yards. First play is a McGahee run to the left. He gains 18 yards followed by a dump pass for a first down.

10:43 – Another first down, this time by two runs from Smith. The Ravens are playing smash-mouth football.

10:45 – There is a measurement in the red zone on the two-yard line to see if Baltimore gets a first down. It is a confirmed first down as the third quarter ends.

10:48 – The fourth quarter starts with a run by McGahee. He is stopped on the one-yard line. Then, Boller throws a touchdown to tight end Wilcox.

10:52 – New England starts their drive frm their own 31-yard line. Brady gets sacked to make it third-and 12. He is then sacked again for a nine-yard loss. The crowd is standing and shouting with excitement.

10:55 – New England punts to Figors who breaks some tackles as he returns it to New England’s 26-yard line. It is a 35-yard punt return. The crowd gets even more pumped up.

11:00 – Boller throws deep resulting in an interception by 36 Sanders who returns it to the New England 43-yard line.

11:03 – With 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Brady throws to Maroney for 42 yards. The ball is now on the 26 -yard line. Moss then drops a pass in the end zone. Gosktowski kicks a 37-yard field goal. Baltimore is winning 24-20 with just under nine minutes in the fourth quarter.

11:17 – After a three-and-out by Baltimore, New England starts a drive from their 44-yard line. They have to punt due to penalties halting their drive. The punt is less than 15 yards, which gives Baltimore the ball on their 28-yard line.

11:25 – After a three-and-out by Baltimore, they punt the ball 36 yards. So, with three minutes and 30 seconds, Brady starts from their 27-yard line. He gets two first downs before it goes to the two-minute warning.

11:30 – With one minute and 38 seconds left, Brady scrambles on fourth down to pick up a first and still have a chance to win.

11:40 – On fourth down again, a hold allows New England to keep their drive alive. Then, Brady throws to Gaffney for a touchdown with 44 seconds left. Linebacker Bart Scott then commits two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, which backs Baltimore up 30 yards on the kickoff, but Reed goes offsides during the extra point to make it 35 yards. The extra point is good. The score is in the Patriots’ favor 27-24.

11:47 – Boller throws a hail mary that is caught by Baltimore’s Mark Clayton. He is tackled on the one-yard line. The game ends.

Live Blog

December 3, 2007

Shantrell Scott

December 1, 2007

Live Blog

USF Total Praise Gospel Dance Ministry

“Gospel Extravaganza 2007 

December 1, 2007 6:18pm: After rushing to the event, Gospel Extrav ( a night of dance, mime and worship) I finally made it to the program eighteen minutes after it was supposed to start. However, there were only maybe 20 people in the whole entire room.  I was in a hurry for nothing.

December 1, 2007 6:26pm: The program still has not started yet. Just sitting, looking at the same 20 people that had already showed up to the ULH building.

December 1, 2007 6:34pm: The opening prayer was done by Total Praise Advisor, Natalie Leonard. 

December 1, 2007 6:38pm:The introduction of the master of ceremonies, Pastor Williams from Harvest Ministries.

December 1, 2007 6: 40pm: Now he is on stage and is talking about why he was invited as the host of tonight’s program.     

December 1, 2007 6:44pm:The master of ceremonies is almost done talking, and is now introducing the first performance known as the “The Dancing Disciples”. I believe that these two girls are sisters and are doing a mime piece to Donnie McClurkin. 

 December 1, 2007 7:02pm:The duo’s dance is over. The audience is cheering for the “The Dancing Disciples” and the girls look so tired and their makeup is running down their faces. Now the master of ceremonies is back on the stage and is ready to introduce the next act, but before he did, they played a little music while waiting for the next performance. 

December 1, 2007 7:05pm:The next group is a rap group called, “Christian Soujaz”. It consists of two guys and one girl. They did a rap and told the audience to do a certain hand clap to the music. It was fun with a good message. 

December 1, 2007 7:17pm:The next act was a poem by the advisor of Total Praise, Ms. Natalie. I’m going to the rest room at this time. I really was getting bored. 

December 1, 2007 7:23pm:The master of ceremonies is now introducing the next person to perform by the name of Brilliance. He was dressed up in a waiter’s uniform and lip sung to a gospel artist’s song. I am not really liking his act too much. He wasn’t really dancing but just squirming around on stage.  

December 1, 2007 7:34pm:The next performance is by the Total Praise mimes, and they are dressed in all black with half of their faces painted white. They are dancing to “Enlarge my territory” by Donald Lawerence. They are actually doing very well.

December 1, 2007 7:46pm:The next guy to perform is known as “Ed” and he too is doing a mime piece. (Why does this whole program consist of mime performances?) Out of all the performances, he is the best one so far. He has a lot of energy up on stage! 

December 1, 2007 7:59pm:Wow, that was awesome. I never seen a guy dance so good and not be ashamed of doing it because he is a male. He was good. I liked his performance.  

December 1, 2007 8:03pm:Man, time is going by so quick. We are now ready for the last performance, but the group is nowhere to be found. 

December 1, 2007 8:08pm:Where is this group? I believe it’s another group from Total Praise and they are running late. The master of ceremonies is now trying to stall and talk us to death. 

December 1, 2007 8:13pm:The last group is finally here and they are dressed in white with red scarves tied around their waste. The young ladies are doing a liturgical piece to the song “East to the West” by Casting Crowns. I love that group.

December 1, 2007 8:19pm:WOW, those girls are strong! They did a stunt where they picked up a girl and lifted her in the air. It was very pretty how they did it where she was in the air acting like Jesus on the cross. I  believe that their dance was the best dance of the night and I’m glad they saved the best for last. 

December 1, 2007 8:25pm:The program is now over and the advisor is praying and calling people up to the stage to receive salvation. However, no one is coming up.  

December 1, 2007 8:33pm: Now it is time to go and I see friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I got to talk with some people that I knew and didn’t know too. Now it is time for me to head home.  

Faith and money

November 27, 2007

Mari Muzzi

      There are over 50 religious clubs on campus and like other organizations some seek funding from student government. Many are active and some have events that bring in a crowd.      

     This year about 500 students attended the fast-a-thon Chinese dinner to break the fast for Ramadan, said Muslim student center treasurer, Najia Hamid. Then there is Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship where on Wednesday nights anywhere from 15 to 40 students gather for bible study and socializing, according to campus pastor Garry Miller. Both of these clubs receive SG funding.

      The amount given depends on the activity level of the club, said Hamid. They receive a little over $1,000 each year and the money is used for events that are open to the entire student body.

      “Anyone is welcome to come to any event,” said Hamid.

      Chi Alpha receives about $1,400 a year. They use the funding for events like One Voice, where all the Christians groups on campus come together. This event is also open to the entire student body. Their bible studies on Wednesday nights are pretty popular, according to Miller.

      “We want to reach out and help those who don’t know Jesus,” Miller said. Often many students come to their events that have never been to a church and are not Christian at all, said Miller.

      Not all religious clubs get funds from SG. The Baha’i club receives its funding from the Baha community in Tampa.

      “I’m not sure why, we just never have look into that,” said member Leslie Martinez when asked about receiving SG funds. They are an active club that has fellowship meetings on Monday nights and anyone who is interested in learning more about the Baha faith is welcome, said Martinez.

      Clubs that seek money from SG must follow certain requirements. The funds cannot be used for snacks at a bible study off campus, said Kelly Foyle, the treasurer at the Catholic Student Center.

      “The money has to be used for events that will benefit all students on campus,” said Foyle. An off campus bible study would not be open to students without vehicles. The Catholic Student Center normally receives funds from SG; this year members forgot to turn in the fund request form. However, the club can still receive funds and they just have to send in a different form when money is needed.

      The requirements are that clubs hold popular elections, and this is one guideline that the president of the Jewish student union had a problem with. The Jewish student union chose not to receive funding from SG; instead they get aid from the community.

      “It was all about a popularity test, not who was the most qualified,” said Jewish student union president Nicky Spivak about the use of popular elections for officer positions. They were only receiving $500 a year, so they decided that they would be better off without it, he said.

      “Religious clubs are just like any other club on campus; they have to follow the same guidelines when requesting funding,” said Juan Soltero, committee chairman of interim funding. His job is to look over all requests forms and decide if a club gets funding.

      The amount given depends on many different factors, such as the size of the club, its activity level and how long it has been on campus, said Soltero. All money coming from SG must be used for events that will benefit all students, he added.

      Usually, SG doesn’t provide funding for off campus events-unless it is a leadership workshop, but the club has to prove how sending a few students would impact the entire student body, said student body president Garvin Flowers.  

Segregated Campus Ministries trying to gain ‘One Voice’

November 7, 2007

Very rough…it’s horrible!

TAMPA—With over 50 Christian ministries on-campus who say that they serve under the same God, there are many who feel that its one GOD, but a segregated discipleship.
Although these ministries are promoting love and equality amongst their fellow man, race has a lot to do with the separation of the ministries. Some feel that each race has their own way of worship, prayer, and evangelical style of spreading the gospel and may be very reluctant to give up their traditional practices.
“I believe that the ministries are segregated just because each person worships in their own way,” said Brittany Haupt, member of Impact Christian Fellowship, “and it is hard to find a group that will meet the needs of every single person.”

So what can be done about it?

Impact Christian Fellowship plans to stop the so-called segregated ministries by putting on an event called “One Voice,” which will be held later on in the month of December. Advisor of the ministry, John Valedt, came up with the idea when he looked around his ministry and saw only one race and expressed that there are so many cultures on campus and wishes to praise his Creator with the other ethnicities around the campus.