Sports Story- “There is no I in team”

by Tiffany Talley

The game of football is a much-loved sport. It’s all about the rivalry, pep rallies, cheerleaders and fans in the stands. Not to mention the band, mascot, and press coverage. Most importantly, it’s about doing what you love and winning while doing it.

This sums up high school football for offensive lineman, Darrin Baker of the Hillsborough High School Terriers.

Coached by Earl Garcia, the Hillsborough High School Terriers are off to a great 2007 season after celebrating their 100th anniversary season on Friday, August 31, 2007.  

Baker, a Tampa native and junior at Hillsbourgh High School has been playing football since age 8. He credits his close cousin in giving him the aspiration to play. 

Baker along with other players finds time to balance football with school work and day to day activites. 

“It’s tough but if you want to play ball, you have to pull through and manage your time,” said Baker.

Baker has hopes of attending the University of South Florida and achieving an degree in business adminstration in addition to playing football for the USF Bulls. He hopes to own his own resturant in the future.

With a winning 9-3 record, the Terriers have high hopes of coming close to a state championship in the near future.  

“We would’ve had a better season if we worked more on our mental mistakes than our physical mistakes,” said Baker. 

Devin McNeish, senior quarterback also agrees with Baker “I believe we could’ve been better if we played more as a team and not wanted self-gain. There is no I in Team” said McNeish.  

The Hillsbourough High School Terriers have a rich history of state championship wins and are known as the team to beat, but that they still have a lot of work to do to get ready for next season Baker believes that if the Terriers play as a team, they’ll win as a team.  

“We have good potential, we just need to follow through,” said Baker.   


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