NewsU- Handling race and Ethnicity

 Tiffany Talley

I found this course to be sooooo insightful and intriguing. I had no idea I was so clueless aobut race and ethnicity. If there is one thing that I learned is that race is a social construct. When you start profiling on a race, you get your self in trouble.

The only major thing that comes to my mind when there was an issue of racial profiling in the press was a story that was done on Hurricane Katrina. The newspaper ran a story regarding the looting of stores and shops by the Katrina survivors. In one article, it was proposed that the black child was stealing and looting while another article, the white couple was seen as struggling to find food.

Stereotyping and generalizations are the root of evil in Ameria. When you lump a group of diverse people under one race or identity, you are just asking for trouble.

It was really interesting to see the results from the ethnicity quiz. It definitely proves that race and ethinicty are not skin deep.


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