Sports Story: Bulldogs get the boot, to Hawaii

Sports Story
By: Jennifer Teuber

BCS Title game Ohio State vs. LSU Jan 7, New Orleans

Rose Bowl Southern Cal vs. Illinois Jan. 1, Pasadena, Calif.

Sugar Bowl Georgia vs. Hawaii Jan. 1, New Orleans

Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma vs. West Virginia Jan. 2, Glendale, Ariz.

Capital One Bowl Florida vs. Michigan Jan. 1, Orlando

Sun Bowl USF vs. Oregon Dec. 31, El Paso, Texas

Music City Bowl Florida State vs. Kentucky Dec. 31, Nashville

Outback Bowl Wisconsin vs. Tennessee Jan. 1, Tampa

Last night, Fox News broadcast the matchups for the major bowl games, including the University of South Florida Bulls heading to El Paso, Texas to face Oregon in the Sun Bowl.

Here in Tampa, the Outback Bowl will be held on Jan. 1, with Wisconsin versus Tennessee. This will be Tennessee’s second year in Tampa, losing last year to Penn State, 20-10.

And the National title game, held in New Orleans, will be No. 1 Ohio State versus No. 2 LSU.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the announcements was that No. 4 Georgia was chosen to play Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

Georgia was ranked No. 4 the weekend before the matchups were broadcast. Hawaii is the only undefeated team in the BCS this year.

That Saturday, three teams ahead in the ranking before Georgia had loses.

No.1 Missouri lost to Oklahoma 38-17 in The Big 12 Conference championship game, No. 2 West Virginia lost to Pittsburg 13-9. LSU lost to Arkansas 50-48, in triple overtime.

“How does LSU lose to an unranked Arkansas and stay in the top 10?” Plant City resident and Georgia fan Phillip Gunn said.

Gunn thinks the BCS should change to a playoff season, and that the BCS only works when there are two undefeated teams.

Even though the Nos. 1 and 2 teams lost and Georgia was idle, the Bulldogs dropped to No. 5 in the final BCS standings.

Although many agree a Georgia- Ohio State game would not be a very interesting BCS Title game, it is still utterly confusing how the BCS came to the conclusion that if three top 5 teams lose, that Georgia actually drops a position.

“Georgia drops one with out losing; LSU moves up five, that makes sense to me,” 25-year old Georgia fan Andrew Coleman said.

Gunn said he wonders how Georgia drops in the rankings without even playing.

This year has certainly been full of controversy and now talks are circulating of using playoffs for the BCS.

 “Hawaii versus Georgia–this is the National Championship game,” Coleman said.


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