New England battles Baltimore

By: Aaron Oberlin

The Baltimore Ravens play host tonight to the New England Patriots. They bring a four-game losing streak against the Patriots who are undefeated this year. The Ravens are in jerseys that are all black. New England is wearing white tops with blue pants.

Before the kickoff, there is a moment of silence to remember the former Washington Redskins’ safety Sean Taylor. The 24-year-old was murdered last week in his Miami home.

8:40- Baltimore kicks the ball off. It is a touchback.

8:44 – 42-yard pass by Tom Brady to Donte’ Stallworth. There is a face mask penalty at the end of the play resulting in half the distance to the goal.

8:47 – Penalties continue to plague the Ravens. It is first down on the Raven’s 2-yard line.

8:48 – Ravens stop a run to the right to make it third and goal. The crowd is loud and lively. Ravens call a timeout.

8:51 – Brady has plenty of time to throw, but Ravens eventually apply pressure. Brady scrambles to the right and throws to Heath Evans who drops the ball in the back of the end zone. Field goal kicker Stephen Gostkowski kicks a field goal.

8:54 – Gostowski kicks the ball off to Yamon Figors. A short kick is returned to their own 29-yard line.

8:55 – Kyle Boller is the starting quarterback.

8:56 – Running back Willis McGahee runs it twice for a first down.

8:59 – After three plays for nothing, Baltimore punts it to wide receiver Wes Welker who does not return it.

9:02 – Brady starts the drive from the 12-yard line. The wind is apparently high as Brady’s pass wobbles. One minute later, Brady’s pass is deflected on third down. New England will punt. Baltimore’s Derek Martin hits a man out-of-bounds during the return for a fifteen yard unsportsman-like conduct penalty. It takes the Ravens to their own 30-yard line.

9:08 – On third down, Boller scrambles and throws to wide receiver Devard Darling for a 53-yard gain. The pass advances Baltimore to New England’s 18-yard line.

9:14 – Boller passes to WR Derek Mason for a touchdown. Matt Stover completes the extra point. The score is 7-3 in Baltimore’s favor.

9:16 – New England’s Ellis Hobbs returns the ball to the Patriots’ 27- yard line. First play is a sack by Fry for a loss of six yards.

9:19 – It is the end of the first quarter.

9:21 – Second quarter starts with an incomplete pass by Brady to Jabar Gaffney on third down. New England punts and the ball is downed on Baltimore’s 34-yard line.

9:25 – After a Boller first down pass to Mason, McGahee breaks off a 15-yard run to New England’s 31-yard line.

9:27 – Ravens go for it on fourth down with six yards to go. Boller throws to Mason for a first down.

9:30 – New England’s Hobbs is down with an injury. Trainers run onto the field to check on him.

9:32 – Stover kicks a 29-yard field goal. The score is 10-3.

9:35 – A line drive kick to Heath Evans starts New England on their own 40-yard line.

9:38 – Patriots get a first down and go no-huddle.

9:40 – A holding call on Baltimore’s cornerback Corey Ivy gives new England a first-and-goal from the 10-yard line.

9:42 – Cornerback Chris McAlister commits pass interference on Randy Moss to give New England a first-and-goal from the one.

9:43 – Heath Evans runs to the left for a touchdown. It is his third of the year. The extra point is good. The score is 10-10.

9:47 – The Ravens start on their own 22-yard line.

9:49 – There is 3:52 left on the clock as the Ravens punt to Welker who gets no gain on the return. New England gets the ball on the 32-yard line.

9:53 – Baltimore gets a three-and-out by stopping tight end Benjamin Watson one yard shy of the first down.

9:54 – Baltimore starts on their own 12-yard line. A short run by McGahee takes the game to the two-minute warning.

9:58 – Junior Seau stops running back Musa Smith in the backfield to bring up fourth down. New England takes a timeout with 1:13 left. Shortly after, the Ravens punt to Welker who fair catches at the 35-yard line.

10:01 – Baltimore safety Ed Reed intercepts the ball. During his run back he is hit by Kevin Faulk who forces a fumble. New England’s Watson recovers the fumble on the New England 27-yard line.

10:04 – It is Halftime. The score is 10-10. 36, 89 67, 92

10:18 – New England kicks off to Figurs to start the . Ravens start on their own 27-yard line.

10:21 – Three straight runs by McGahee give Baltimore a first down.

10:23 – After another first down run by Mcgahee, Boller hits Mason for a 20-yard completion. Baltimore is the 18-yard line. First down hand off goes to McGahee who breaks an 18-yard run for a touchdown. The runs were not flashy. They were aggressive and powerful. The extra point is good making the score 17-10 in favor of Baltimore.

10:27 – With 10 minutes left in the third quarter, New England starts from their own 28-yard line.

10:31 – Brady completes a 35-yard pass to Laurence Maroney for a first down. He got most of the yards after the catch. Immediately, the Patriots run the ball with Maroney on first down for four yards. Maroney is ran three times but stopped.

10:32 – New England goes for it on fourth-and-one. Kevin Faulk runs for a first. Patriots have the ball at the Raven’s 22-yard line.

10:37 – Brady throws a two-yard touchdown to wide receiver Randy Moss on third-and-one. The extra point is good making the score 17-17.

10:40 – With 4:15 left on the clock in the third quarter, Baltimore starts on their own 44-yard line. Figors had a return about 30 yards. First play is a McGahee run to the left. He gains 18 yards followed by a dump pass for a first down.

10:43 – Another first down, this time by two runs from Smith. The Ravens are playing smash-mouth football.

10:45 – There is a measurement in the red zone on the two-yard line to see if Baltimore gets a first down. It is a confirmed first down as the third quarter ends.

10:48 – The fourth quarter starts with a run by McGahee. He is stopped on the one-yard line. Then, Boller throws a touchdown to tight end Wilcox.

10:52 – New England starts their drive frm their own 31-yard line. Brady gets sacked to make it third-and 12. He is then sacked again for a nine-yard loss. The crowd is standing and shouting with excitement.

10:55 – New England punts to Figors who breaks some tackles as he returns it to New England’s 26-yard line. It is a 35-yard punt return. The crowd gets even more pumped up.

11:00 – Boller throws deep resulting in an interception by 36 Sanders who returns it to the New England 43-yard line.

11:03 – With 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Brady throws to Maroney for 42 yards. The ball is now on the 26 -yard line. Moss then drops a pass in the end zone. Gosktowski kicks a 37-yard field goal. Baltimore is winning 24-20 with just under nine minutes in the fourth quarter.

11:17 – After a three-and-out by Baltimore, New England starts a drive from their 44-yard line. They have to punt due to penalties halting their drive. The punt is less than 15 yards, which gives Baltimore the ball on their 28-yard line.

11:25 – After a three-and-out by Baltimore, they punt the ball 36 yards. So, with three minutes and 30 seconds, Brady starts from their 27-yard line. He gets two first downs before it goes to the two-minute warning.

11:30 – With one minute and 38 seconds left, Brady scrambles on fourth down to pick up a first and still have a chance to win.

11:40 – On fourth down again, a hold allows New England to keep their drive alive. Then, Brady throws to Gaffney for a touchdown with 44 seconds left. Linebacker Bart Scott then commits two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, which backs Baltimore up 30 yards on the kickoff, but Reed goes offsides during the extra point to make it 35 yards. The extra point is good. The score is in the Patriots’ favor 27-24.

11:47 – Boller throws a hail mary that is caught by Baltimore’s Mark Clayton. He is tackled on the one-yard line. The game ends.


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