News U Course–Math for Journalists

By: Jennifer Teuber

First and foremost, I have to say I was confused. I thought the News U course would involve a quiz at the end of each section, which it did not. It was not as interacitve as I expected.

The first few sections of the cousre offered background information and refreshers for those of us who haven’t done much math for the past few years.

Only when it got into percentages, ratios, means, medians, etc. did it actually seem like Math for Journalists. The most helpful parts, I think, were mean, median, and mode. Also, the section on ratio, rank, and rate.

By far I thought the most interesting and helpful section was the last section on Advanced topics. How to estimate crowds seemed exceptionally interesting to me, as well as the other two topics: weighted averages and cost of living.

All in all, the News U course was good reading, but I would have liked more involvement to keep it interesting. I got bored.


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