Macy’s Day Parade Live Blog

By Courtney Herrig

81st Annual Macy Day Parade: Live Blog

9:10am Parade opened with Broadway Camp’s performance “Making Magic.”

9:15am The children of military parents stationed in Iraq lead the parade.

9:18am Laura Bell Bundie sang a hilarious scene from Broadway’s Legally Blonde.  The cast performed the scene where Elle Woods is accepted into Harvard Lay School.

9: 30am Young Frankenstein Broadway danced and sang to “Transylvania Mania”

9: 40am The Mary Poppins Musical performed “Supercalifajalisticexpialidocious”.

9:52am The 72 famous legs slow danced to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” originally sung by Judy Garland in “Meet me in St. Louis”.

10am Dolly Parton, 61, performed like a youthful Carrie Underwood.

10:11am New floats in the parade this year will be William Steig’s swamp-loving ogre Shrek, Sesame Street’s fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby and Hello Kitty Supercute, the cape- and tiara-wearing feline superhero.

10: 23am Abby Cadabby makes her debut at the parade. Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby, is the first new female muppet on Sesame Street in 13 years and is a playmate of Elmo, Zoë, Baby Bear and the gang. Being the new girl on the block, she is meant to bring a further opportunity to share lessons on the differences of people from different backgrounds.

10:30am Jonas Brothers sang the pop song “ Hold On“.  Jonas Brothers, the newest Hanson, use rock instrumentals and vocals but with less rebellious rock undertones.

10:42am Utah State band champions played as Hello Kitty, a new float this year, drifted above their performance.

10:50am Bindi, 9, and Terry Irwin danced and sang Animal Planet’s “Animal Wonders” float.  The Ronald McDonald float drifts behind the Bindi performance.

11am Rachel Smith, Miss USA, from Tennessee and the bobble head founding fathers floated in front of Virginia Tech’s marching band.

11:12am The second band to perform was “Lifehouse”.

11:20am The ever-popular “Hairspray” sang to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” at a quarter till 11.  After the John Water’s Broadway remake, The National Dance Institute choreographed a fun routine to an Irish Folk song.

11:25am Jeff Koons, well-known American artists, 1985 sculpture, “ Rabbit”, was remade into a helium version for the 81st Macy’s Day Parade.   The balloon is a post-modern design, just like the sculpture.

11: 28am Ashely Tisdale performed “Last Christmas” sans Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgen – her High School Music costars. There has been many tabloid references made of the absences of the lead co-stars at high profile events.

11:35am The Mr. Potato Head balloon was wearing tennis shoes to promote fitness and healthful eating by the National Potato Association.

11:38am Jordon Sparks snag on the Pillsbury float alongside the doughboy himself.

11:44am Foot juggler drops his partner on national television . . .

11: 45amWillard Scout ushered the queen of the day  – She is a hundred years young!

11:50am Wynona Judd performs “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

11:56am Santa Arrives! The holiday season has now officially begun.


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