On-campus ministries reach out to one another in order to gain one voice

by Shantrell Scott   

       TAMPA—With over 50 Christian ministries on-campus who say that they serve under one God, there are some students who feel that the ministry serve one God but with a segregated discipleship.    

      Although these organizations are all here to promote Christian agape love amongst their fellow man, many feel that the cause of separation within the ministries is because of those cultures that maybe reluctant to give up their traditional religious practices that they’ve been accustomed to for so long.  

     “I believe that the ministries are segregated just because each person worships in their own way and it is hard to find a group that will meet the needs of every single person,” said Brittany Haupt, member of Impact Christian Fellowship.

        The separation is not just centered on race. Krystal Herbert, 21, member of Shekinah Glory Student Ministries stated that it is more of a cultural difference within the ministries than it is about the color of one’s skin. However, Herbert feels that any ministry that follows the Bible should have no problem worshiping together no matter what background they come from.

   The reasons for the separation may also be from people who have their own particular group that they associate with. According to the president of Cornerstone Student Fellowship, Chris Baker, 21, many Christian groups don’t really come together as often because they are more worried about who they may or may not know instead of just joining together to do the same purpose.

   “One thing I see are groups segregated between other groups,” said Baker. “We have put on events, and before I could finish inviting certain members of other Christian groups, they stop me and ask if anyone from a ministry that they know of is going to be there and if it wasn’t, then they don’t show up.”

 So what must be done?     

     In the help to get every ministry together to praise as a whole, man y of the organizations, such as Koinania Covenant Campus Ministry, and Impact Christian Fellowship have started outreach programs in order to bring the many different ministries from out of the dark corner of separation and into the light of unity. Koinania Covenant tries to add more diversity within their group by having a multi-cultural week and do outreach projects that involve different cultures.    

     Another way of bringing other Christian ministries together was done on Nov. 19 when Impact Christian Fellowship hosted a night of thanks and worship with a thanksgiving celebration event called “One Voice.”  The event was put together by some of the on-campus ministries that don’t normally associate with each other on a normal basis, in hopes of breaking down the barrier of separation and come closer as one body.   

     Even though there were still students who kept to their own group and not willing to mingle, the event helped many who were willing to mingle to know more about each other’s style of worship and gain a great experience of being expose to another ministry.

    “I believe each ministry is doing the best they can to serve and minister to students at USF,” said advisor of Impact Fellowship, John Vollstedt. “Although not all are connected with each other, there are good relationships among the Christian campus ministries.  Things like ‘One
Voice’ helped build those relationships even more.”

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