Why are you what you are?

All I have are quotes right now:

Kenza, freshmen, Mechanical Engineering
“I was born Muslim, but I wasn’t taught anything about religion until I was 17. but you need a little lamp that will show you the way. I looked into Judeism, but I like Muslim because I like how it tells me how to behave towards others.”

She lives by: “Don’t do what you don’t want others to do to you.”

Will Grant, junior, Political Science:
“I’m Agnostic. I was born Christian, my parents ar Christian. At age 17 I became Agnostic because it seemed like common sense.”

He questions if there is a god, he doesn’t really care about religion.

Hong Lou, sophmore, BioMed:
“I’m Buddhist because my whole family is. Buddhism isn’t really a religion, it’s a way of believing, it’s a way of life.”

Christian Giron, sophmore, Mechanical Engineering
“I’m Atheist because I think scientifically and logically, and logically religion doesn’t make sense to me.”

He was born and baptized Catholic, he changed religion when “i started thinking for myself and stopped listening to just what my parents told me.”

Nipum Kumar, sophmore, PrePharmacy:
“I’m Hindu. Hinduism is very broad, each diety is supposed to show good morals and good bahvior. There’s alot of stories and epic tales, after what you find is good morals and good behavior, Hinduism tells you to be free and find yoour own salvation. Karma is to keep you in check. Reincarnation is personal opinion. When I was younger, I heard all the dieties and I chose my own.”

Tim Davis, junior, Engineering:
“I was born Catholic, but I’m not very good at practicing. Because you don’t know if this is it, or if there’s something afterwards. Am I wastng time, am I not wasting my time? Religion can be a good thing but it can also be a way to set people apart.”

Jamie Lee, senior, BioMed:
“I am Christian. Myparents sent me to Christian kindegarten.”

Juan Serrano, junior, Foreign Language Education:
“I was born Catholic but I changed it because I found more profoundenss in Protestantss then Catholics. I changed when I was 12 years old, my parents supported me.”

He is very stict with his religion, he goes to church regularly, he observes holidays. His mantra: To do good, not to sin and receive rituousness.


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