very rough draft

Mari Muzzi-rough draft

There are many active religious clubs on campus that receive funding from student government. The amount given depends on the activity level of the club, said Muslim student center treasurer, sophomore Najia Hamid.

They receive a little over a thousand each year and the money is used for events that are open to the entire student body. They have a yearly fast a’ thon for Ramadan and the fast ended this year with a Chinese dinner. According to Hamid, five hundred students attended the event.

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 Clubs seeking money from student government must follow certain requirements. The funds cannot be used for snacks at a Bible study, said Kelly Foyle, the treasurer at the Catholic Student Center. The money has to be used in events that will benefit all students on campus, said Foyle.

One requirement is that clubs hold poplar elections and this is one guideline that the president of the Jewish student union had a problem with. JSU decided a few years ago to raise funds on their own.

 “It was all about a popularity test, not who was the most qualified,” said JSU president Nicky Spivak. They were only receiving five hundred a year, so they decided that they would be better out without it, said Spivak.

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