Segregated Campus Ministries trying to gain ‘One Voice’

Very rough…it’s horrible!

TAMPA—With over 50 Christian ministries on-campus who say that they serve under the same God, there are many who feel that its one GOD, but a segregated discipleship.
Although these ministries are promoting love and equality amongst their fellow man, race has a lot to do with the separation of the ministries. Some feel that each race has their own way of worship, prayer, and evangelical style of spreading the gospel and may be very reluctant to give up their traditional practices.
“I believe that the ministries are segregated just because each person worships in their own way,” said Brittany Haupt, member of Impact Christian Fellowship, “and it is hard to find a group that will meet the needs of every single person.”

So what can be done about it?

Impact Christian Fellowship plans to stop the so-called segregated ministries by putting on an event called “One Voice,” which will be held later on in the month of December. Advisor of the ministry, John Valedt, came up with the idea when he looked around his ministry and saw only one race and expressed that there are so many cultures on campus and wishes to praise his Creator with the other ethnicities around the campus.


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