religion and the presidential election

The 2008 presidential election is only a year away, and each candidate’s platform is becoming more important than ever. With the influence that President Bush’s Christian values had over the 2004 election, some voters may be wondering how big of a role religion will play this time.
Will religion have a bearing on who USF students will vote for?
Frank Weddington, an English and journalism major, says she does not subscribe to any particular religion, and a candidate’s beliefs will not affect her vote.
“If candidates want to use their religion to introduce their background and beliefs, that’s fine, but it is not necessary. It is different if they are using it in their policies,” she said.
Others students do plan to use religion as a deciding factor.
“If they don’t have the same beliefs as mine, I wouldn’t want them leading me,” said Alba Pottinger, a sophomore nurse major.
Her friend, Bernadette Holmes, agrees.
“Religion is as important as the role the candidate will play as president.
Do candidates use religion as a means to advance their political agenda?
“This is very clear, because some candidates want a certain perception to follow them, despite their views on more concrete issues,” Weddington said.

– courtney allen


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