Police show Respect

By: Aaron Oberlin
Temple Terrace, Fla. – Temple Terrace Police Detective Michael Pridemore has a genuine respect for the now deceased Dovie Moore Hamby, 92, the mother of missing Sandra Prince.

Hamby was a retired school teacher and resident of Boone, N.C. She passed away March 11 this year at Watauga Medical Center.

She never found out what happened to her daughter, who was last seen by a co-worker December 30, 2005.

In the last two years, she developed a trustful, professional relationship with Pridemore and the Temple Terrace Police Department as they investigated her disappearance.

According to Pridemore, Hamby would frequently travel to Temple Terrace. She would ask the detectives to “carry” her. “That was her Southern term for driving her somewhere.”

While she was here, she would stay in her daughter’s house, according to Pridemore. “It was very hard on her.”

Pridemore says not bringing closure to Hamby is sometimes hard to deal with.

“You can’t help it to establish that bond with someone when you see their pain, you feel their pain and you know that you are the one that’s trying to bring closure to her.” Pridemore says. “I wanted to bring closure, and it didn’t happen.”

“She was amazing.” Pridemore says. She could remember things that I would have a hard time remembering. “Sharp as a tack.”

Hamby’s funeral was in Boone. Pridemore and Corporal Bernard Seeley attended.

Pridemore said they got to meet family members whom they hadn’t met before. Hamby had talked highly about them.

Hamby willed approximately $500,000 in property to the Temple Terrace Police Department.

According to Pridemore, Hamby mentioned she wanted to leave money to the police department.

Finding out what happened to her daughter was very important to her, according to Pridemore. “She was devastated.”

“Justice will be served, eventually.” Pridemore says. “I am confident this will be resolved.”

According to Michael Dunn, Temple Terrace public information officer, the city is not sure what it will do with the money.

On January 3, 2006, according to police, a neighbor reported Prince missing. Police found the trunk of her white, four-door Buick Park Avenue with a considerable amount of her blood in it.

Police say there were not any signs of struggle.

After her disappearance, according to police, an individual withdrew money from her accounts several times.

Police released surveillance tapes of ATM’s, located in Temple Terrace and North Tampa, showing what police describe as a man wearing a green mask with a large, stocky build. He has dark hair on his arms with no visible marks or jewelry. The car he was driving was a white, four-door sedan.

Earl C. Pippin III was Prince’s boyfriend for five years. In her will, he is the main beneficiary of an approximated $2.8 million estate. She has no children or husband.

He was named a “person of interest,” says Pridemore.


5 Responses to “Police show Respect”

  1. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Great story. I like how you incorporate the missing daughter’s story along with the death of the mother. The “carry” quote adds a lot of personality to Hamby.

  2. Christine Wolstenholme Says:

    Mystery and murder is always interesting. Good reporting with goo facts.

  3. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Very good. Its sentimental and still newsworthy, especially with the manner of the crime and the woman leaving the police department money in her will. I just wanted to know how old Sandra Prince was.

  4. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Good story! What gave you the idea?

  5. Shantrell Says:

    good detail… i got a great sense of who hamby was without spelling out. ilike how u implied her character

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