By Priscilla Mader

CARROLLWOOD – Tampa welcomes a new Baptist Brazilian church in Carrollwood. At the grand opening, the new church had the presence of many Christians and non-Christian, whom came to celebrate that special night among friends and family. Lots of food and a great worship was also part of the celebration.

The Igreja Batista da Paz has 40 members. They used to meet at Bay Ceia Baptist Church, in Town and Country, but now they found a new home at Carrollwood. The new temple was yielded by the Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Carrollwood, and the new church will have its services on Sundays and Thursdays.

The Brazilian church will be sharing the same temple with a Hispanic and an American churches; therefore services in Spanish, English and Portuguese will be provided to better serve the Christian community in the area.

According to Eduardo Ink, a member of the new church, he and his family are very happy with the new home. “In this place we are finding the real peace,” said Ink.

Rev. Domicio Chavante, 41 is the leader of this group and the person responsible for its development. He moved recently from Rio de Janeiro with his family to lead this church, and is starting new ministries for the children, youth, adults, women, couples, theater and counseling. “We want to provide spiritual and emotional support for the Portuguese community in this area. Our goal is to win lives to Christ,” said Rev. Domicio.

“I love his vision, motivation and commitment with the church,” said Alexandro Oliveira, 28, drummer of the worship group.

The church has already full agenda for 2007. They already have activities for all ages, gender or marital status. In October they will start the home-based cell group ministry, in order to build more friendship and mutual support and training.

“This place is already a blessing in my life. We want to have communion with our siblings and be able to help each other. I believe in Rev. Domicio’s vision, and I know that we will walk forward,” said Ana Carneiro, a member.

The church is located at 2905 Smitter Rd., Tampa, FL 33618. For further information, please call 813-531-5000 or visit the web-site


4 Responses to “PEACE AT A NEW HOME”

  1. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    good reporting

  2. Aaron Says:

    The lead seemed long. There are some grammatical errors.

  3. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    this is a very good story, very informative and it seems like you interviewed the right people.

  4. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Good story, but there are a lot of errors. If you want to improve your grammar, use the AP style book and have someone you know read the article back to you to make sure the sentences run smoothly together. It makes more sense when someone else reads it.

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