From swords to the plates

By Priscilla Mader

TAMPA – Boizão is the newest Brazilian churrascaria in Tampa. This steakhouse offers a fun and a different way to dine out.

With 14 types of meat, Boizão has its exclusive style to serve the meat on a sword, just like is done in Brazil. The clients can also enjoy a sophisticated salad bar with many options of exotic fresh vegetables, rice, beans and imported cheeses. All meals are accompanied by freshly baked cheese rolls, seasoned mashed potatoes and crispy fried plantains.

“I never saw or ate at such place before, this restaurant is fantastic,” said a client Grace Mayer, 42.

The steakhouse had previously 3 locations in Chicago, and just opened last March its location in Tampa. According to Gabriella Bernes, 19, hostess, in the low season Boizão serves about 450 people on Saturdays, and the average of 1,500 during the week.

The upscale restaurant has an elegant and contemporary architecture. It provides a very cozy atmosphere to the clients, which are pleased by this large selection of meat served table side by the gauchos (Brazilian cowboys). They keep serving you until you tell them to stop. Boizão features the “Churrasco,” the Brazilian barbeque of filet-mignon, sirloin, pork rips, pork sausage, chicken, lamb-chops, and many more.

“When I’m here, I just think about food,” said Eraldo Silva, 32.

The steakhouse reaches different ethnics, but specially Americans. “The majority of our clients, about 80%, are Americans and Hispanics,” said Regis Bernardi, 33, one of the managers of the steakhouse, and with the company for 13 years.

The restaurants also offers Brazilian soft and alcoholic drinks such as “Guaraná,” an energetic drink made of a fruit of the Amazon, and the famous “Caipinha,” a mix drink made with lemon, sugar and the Brazilian “Cachaça,” a Brazilian liquor made of fresh sugarcane juice that is fermented and distilled.

The prices vary. From Mo-Fr they offer a lunch special from $12.90 to $19.90 and dinner costs $ 41.90 at any day of the week.

The steakhouse is located at 4606 Boy Scout Blvd., Tampa. For reservations and further information, please call 813- 286-7100.


6 Responses to “From swords to the plates”

  1. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    It is a great review of the restaurant

  2. Aaron Says:

    Interesting story. Is it supposed t be a restaurant review. If it is straight news, then avoid the puff-style adjectives. e.i. sophisticated and elegant

  3. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    I like your first sentence, it is very clean and made me want to read more.

  4. Mari Muzzi Says:

    Just a few little errors, but I liked your restaurant review. I’ve heard alittle info about this place and maybe I’ll check it out now.

  5. Shantrell Says:

    This story is deliciously interesting, although there were a few grammatical errors. Overall, it was good.

  6. Ricardo Says:

    Hello, I’m from Brazil, and I have notice that you write “Caipinha” when you was writing about the drinks, but the right way to write is “Caipirinha”, is a drink very popular here in Brazil.

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