“Drink up, it will only get funnier”

By Tiffany B. Talley

Improv Comedy Theater and Restaurant puts the fun in funny.

YBOR CITY -“Drink up, it will only get funnier”, reads the front cover of the drink menu at the Improv Comedy Theater and Restaurant. Located in CENTRO YBOR, the Improv Comedy Theater hosts some of the most well-known comedians and provides laughter to thousands of guests since its opening in 2001.

“Comics say the sound quality in the building is excellent”, said Jennifer Hensleigh, Improv Comedy Theater promotion specialist.

Not your typical comedy club, the 100-year-old building is outfitted with original bricklaying, and columns providing a warm ambience and rich historical context . Known for its beautiful interior design, the theater consists of 3 levels of seating and VIP rooms rented out for private parties. http://www.improvtampa.com/tour.asp]

“One older man told me he remembers coming here to watch movies for a nickel”, said Hensleigh.

The Improv Theater and Restaurant is also equipped with full menu, bar and over 50 staff members to assist guests. Part of a franchise, the Improv Comedy has 12 to 15 partner theaters in cities including Orlando, FL and Kansas City, Kansas.

“The best comic we’ve had is John Morgan”, said Sam Stewart, hostess at the Improv Theater.

Upcoming guest comedians include Shawty, Jamie Kennedy, Sheryl Underwood and Tampa native, Bert Kreischer. Reservations for shows can be made online. Featured events include open mic nights, t-shirt Wednesdays, and the Tampa Improv driving school.

Visit Tampa Improv on myspace.com and sign up on the mailing list for a chance to receive offers for free tickets in the mail.


5 Responses to ““Drink up, it will only get funnier””

  1. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    The end is a bit like an advertisement. Be careful not to confuse news or feature writing with PR.

  2. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Good story. I love the lead and you do a great job describing the layout of the building.

  3. Shantrell Says:

    Yeah, I agree, Try to take the story into a different direction so it is not so PRish.

  4. Priscilla Says:

    Good story, but be carefull for not do an advertisement.

  5. Christine Wolstenholme Says:

    I agree, a little bit of advertising and kind of short.

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