By the Bay Cafe Ruskin, Fl (SouthShore)

By Jennifer Teuber

Off Shell Point Road lives By the Bay Café, a cheerfully decorated, yellow painted wooden restaurant where crab dishes are served up in cakes, soups, and atop fish.
Inside the restaurant, the interior decorating consists of themed rooms including: the tea room, the butterfly room, and the vineyard room. Each room is decorated with trinkets like butterfly wind chimes and candles, holders full of cream and sugar, and grape adornments.
Owner Darlene Anderson said in a Tampa Tribune article that the restaurant has a down-home feel.
“It has a quaint, homey feeling,” she said, “kind of like going home to grandma’s house.”
The restaurant is listed as “family style” under food and eating out in SouthShore on
The Café is known for its world famous Maryland crab cakes.
On a recent visit there, a guest and I tried one of these world famous crab cakes along with the cream of crab soup, steamed shrimp, blackened salmon, and the stuffed catch of the day.
According to the Maryland seafood and aquaculture website, By the Bay Café is a retailer Crab Meat Promotion Participant for 2007.
Under “where to buy Maryland crab meat”, By the Bay Café is the only retailer listed from Florida. Others are from Maryland, Virginia, D.C, and Delaware.
Rebecca and Charles, from Sun City Center, are regulars at By the Bay Café. The two come here about once a week, Charles said.
“This is a nice little place to eat,” Rebecca said. Her usual meal is the Chicken Cordon Blue; his is the crab cake, which he says is nicely cooked.
“Either that or the fish; Salmon or whitefish,” he said.
Anderson said busy season starts to pick up around October, and hits full fledge in January. She said it ends around the second week of April, with a 70 percent drop off (when all the snow birds leave).
The restaurant, which just celebrated its two-year anniversary, is having their second annual Crab Feast Saturday Sept. 29.
The feast, which will run from 4-8 p.m., will include beer, steamed crabs, corn on the cob, as well as other munchies and costs $39.99 per person.
By the Bay Café is located at 102 West Shell Point Road in Ruskin.
Hours of Operation are closed on Monday, Tuesday-Thursday 11 a.m.- 9 p.m., Friday 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-10 p.m., and Sunday 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
For information, call (813) 641-9242. Reservations are suggested.


7 Responses to “By the Bay Cafe Ruskin, Fl (SouthShore)”

  1. Christine Wolstenholme Says:

    Good story, the format makes it a little difficult to read though. To improve the story I would have tried to talk to the owner myself, instead of getting a quote from the Trib.

  2. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    This is a good restaurant review, i would have just tried to speak with the owner directly rather than using another interview for your quote.

  3. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    This piece is difficult to read because the paragraphs are not spaced apart or indented.

    However, I like the imagery which you create with your descriptive language.

  4. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    This is a good restaurant review. It liked that you interviewed other customers. You described the environment well. Did you like your meal, I don’t recall if you said.

  5. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Nice lede and good use of customer quotes but I think the story would have been better if you had quoted the owner yourself instead of relying on a Tampa Tribune story. Now I’m hungry for some crab cakes…

  6. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    I like the story, but the quotes, it would have been better to put the first and last name of the people that you interviewed, then after you make the 1st reference of the person’s full name, the second time you use the last name (according to the style handbook). Overall, the story was very interesting.

  7. Priscilla Says:

    I like the story, specially the imaginary view of the restaurant that she was able to put in writing

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