Cold Stone keeps the people screaming for ice cream

By Shantrell Scott

     NORTH TAMPA–As temperatures rise up above 78 degrees, more and more people may try to find ways to cool off in the summer heat. The traditional way to cooling off is to indulge in a big bowl of rich, cold ice cream and what better place to take your family to enjoy this sweet dessert but to Cold Stone Creamery.

     Cold Stone (that could be summed up in the three C’s: creamy, creative and corky) has become one of America’s “Top Ten” ice cream shops that has not once became tiresome after 20 years in the business. It has become more popular today because of all the different chain creameries all over the U.S and of course for its new additions such as smoothies, shakes and ice cream cakes. 

     Founded in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland, their establishment was discovered in Tempe, Arizona after wanting to make a better brand of ice cream that included natural and high quality ingredients. With that, they discovered a new form of making mixtures fun and creative by allowing the customer to create his/her own mixture known as a “creation”. Once the fresh, add-in ingredients are chosen, it is then mixed together on a frozen granite stone [which is where Cold Stone received its name] in order to keep the ice cream from melting.

    After coming to the shop about five times, Christina Diaz, 20, said she refuses to eat ice cream anywhere else because of how the ice cream doesn’t melt as fast as others do and for its natural flavoring.

    “I recommend this place to my friends because their flavors don’t taste fake like others do,” said Diaz, “I remember eating the banana flavored ice cream and it tasted like they added real bananas. I loved it!”

      According to Cold Stone employee in New Tampa, Emily Reich, 16, the batter is in fact made with real fruit and made fresh everyday through a machine that transforms soft, yogurt-like batter to hard, creamy ice cream. Reich also stated that Cold Stone has something that the other shops lack, one being customer service.

    “It’s a very friendly environment to come to and even work in,” Reich said. “Everyone is singing and dancing and having a good time while making ice cream, although that’s not all that we are entitled to do. But we were told in training that we are not in the ice cream business, but in the “people business.”

      Sandy Sash, 53, who came with her husband, Tom Sash, 53, to Cold Stone on Monday night to celebrate her husband’s big business deal, said that although she eats at Cold Stone every once in a while, she can truly taste the difference when eating somewhere else.

    “I’m an ice cream FREAK!” said Sash. “My husband and I don’t come here very often because it’s very expensive. But what keeps us coming back is its great ice cream and its wonderful presentation when selling the product.”

     With lines found around the corner, the shop tends to be very busy on the weekends with crowds of students who come from the Muvico Theater and even the older crowd could be found sitting on the outside of the store enjoying their delightful treats. The company also offers memberships for their website and for their online birthday club; plus promotions and gift cards.

     So if you ever get a chance to visit Cold Stone Creamery and you want to see live entertainment; put a tip in the jar, then wait for a special song & dance by the entire staff. Sometimes even the customers waiting in line dance with them. Hey, these are the things to expect when waiting in a long line for a creamy, stone, cold treat.


5 Responses to “Cold Stone keeps the people screaming for ice cream”

  1. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Somethins I didn’t like we the Capitalization of FREAK and the exclamation points in quotes.

  2. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    I am afraid this may be more marketing material than journalism.

  3. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    Interesting topic. Makes me hungry for ice cream. Some grammatical errors. Aren’t there coldstone creameries in other parts of tampa? Maybe your story shoud’ve leaned more towards why this particular store was such a good place to cover. Was it beause of the great customer service?

  4. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    I like the quotes. The story does have a few grammatical errors, but it still makes me want to eat some ice cream. A story like this would be great to run during the brutally hot days of mid-summer.

  5. usfadvancedreporting Says:

    This is good topic bc i know many ppl who dont eeven know what coldstone is. there are a lot of people from out of the state that come here and need to be informed!!! This would be an interesting Feature story. I wonder if anyone doesn’t like it…
    courtney a

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